With endless miles of soft beach and an abundance of tropical delight, Sardinia is the stuff of fairy tales.
If you’ve been dreaming about this beautiful island off the coast of Sicily, and are finally adding it to your bucket list, there are a couple of things to consider. Those include the best places to stay, where to visit, delicacies, secluded getaways, and more.

Here are a few tips to ensure your time in Sardinia is an unforgettable one:

Italy house

When to travel

Sardinia has its charm no matter what time of the year you prefer to make the trip.
However, the months between April and August are especially magical. The temperatures have reached a nice optimum, allowing for maximum beach time, while the floral blossoms are thriving. Festivals and important events are also plenty at this time, offering countless opportunities for cultural experiences.
Public transportation is commendable, but you should rent a car so you can follow the many adventures across dirt roads.

Where to stay in Sardinia

Accommodation or housing is always a big deal when on holiday. Sardinia can get a little busy especially over the summer, but the key is always to make arrangements ahead of time.
First, you need to figure out if you’ll travel alone or with family. A hotel room might not offer the best experience for large travel parties. In that case, you’ll want to consider a couple of luxury villas Sardinia. These villas tend to have great ocean views and rustic Italian architecture, complete with all the modern luxuries, not forgetting enough space to sleep many guests.
Some popular villa destinations include Cala Gonone, Carloforte, San Teodoro, and Porto Cervo, among many others.

Currency information

Sardinia is a European Union member state, so if you are visiting from within the continent, you’ll not need a visa. In terms of currency, the euro is the common means of transaction. While credit cards are widely accepted, some loose change for remote joints can come in handy.

Where to visit

Saving the best for last, Sardinia’s most impressive attractions include secluded Costa Rei. The area is famous for sunny shores, and crystal-clear water with mountain vistas.
If you are a fan of boating, the Asinara islands offer perfect sailing conditions and many hidden gems. The Maddalena archipelago is also an excellent option. Meanwhile, Cagliari, Sardinia’s biggest city, is perfect for history buffs and anyone really with an appreciation of Venetian cityscapes.
The most scenic village in Sardinia has to be Bosa. Its beautiful buildings are matched only by the dreamy river it faces. What’s more, it is home to Malaspina castle.
Don’t forget to check out the fairy houses (Domus de Janas or house of giants). These are found everywhere around the island, but one of the standout ones include S’Ena e Tomes.


Parting shot

And that’s it for this guide, but we’ll leave you with a few hints about culinary treasures for your wish list. The seafood fregola and the Zuppa Gallurese (looks a lot like lasagna) taste like absolute heaven. Bottarga, the traditional octopus salad, and the Procheddu, or suckling pig, are also a must-try.
Don’t forget to snack on the Culurgiones and Seadas as well!