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African safaris present one-of-a-kind opportunities to venture into the natural habitats of wildlife and discover the greatness of Mother Nature. While safaris have evolved over the years to be more accessible to everyone, one thing that remains unchanged is the magical touch of being out in the wild. There is always something captivating with Africa’s incredible wildlife, and regardless of whether it is the first or umpteenth time to visit the continent, the thrills of being in the wild never fade. This is further complemented by the fact that you can never be short of options on where to go on safari regardless of the season.

A highlight for any visitor to the continent is always the animals to see on safari. A close-up encounter with wildlife is without question the moment many adventure seekers would cherish as it is the most captivating script played right before your eyes. In looking to have an experience that will last a lifetime, the following are the most iconic animals to make a point of seeing:

  1. Lions

The king of the African jungle is always the highlight of an African safari, and it is one of the most impressive sights for lots of adventure seekers. Typically, you will find them in prides, and while they are natural hunters, they spend most of their time resting under large trees in the heat of the day. Great sightings of these big cats can be witnessed during the Great Wildebeest Migration which happens between the Serengeti National Park, in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya.

  1. Elephants

These gigantic creatures are a wonder to behold, and one can never tire watching them in their large herds as they move quietly but steadily. Despite being under threats due to illegal poaching, proactive measures are being implemented, and there are great locations to see them, including Dunia Camp in Serengeti and Oliver’s camp in Tarangire, Tanzania.

  1. Buffalos

The African buffalo have a robust build and are highly aggressive, a feature that has seen the grazers be able to thrive in the savannah. It is a great encounter to come across their massive herds in the savannah, and it is an experience worth the safari.

  1. Rhinos

There are two species of the African rhino, namely the white rhinos and black rhinos, which despite the names all have grey color. A rare rhino conservation project at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp in Kenya has the only remaining two northern white rhinos. Sightings of other rhinos can be had in many different locations including Etosha National Park in Namibia and South Africa’s wildlife parks.

  1. Hippos

A safari would not be complete without getting to have a sighting of these enormous creatures that spend the day in the water and come out to feed at night. They are mostly seen at dawn and dusk when they are out grazing and are a popular feature in specific spots along rivers, swamps, and lakes in Africa.

Are you planning a spring visit to Salzburg, Austria?  Things to do there are as plentiful as the flowers that bloom  in spring, in palace gardens, on Salzburg’s highest mountain and at Austria’s largest flower festival, within easy reach of the city.  For an authentic Alpine experience, why not choose CLC World Resorts & Hotels for your stay?

Must-See Salzburg Attractions

Every evening, the beautiful 17th century Mirabell Palace is the venue for the Salzburg Palace Concerts, but between May and August its gardens host Promenade Concerts on Sunday mornings, and Illuminated Fountain Concerts on Wednesday evenings.  Between June and August they also host traditional music and dance performances every Friday evening.

Two famous castles are extremely popular Salzburg attractions. The gardens at Hellbrunn Castle contain hidden fountains, capable of spraying the unsuspecting visitor, while the imposing Hohensalzburg Castle, atop the Festungsberg Hill, is one of Europe’s largest fully preserved medieval castles.

Step back in time in Salzburg’s Old Town, or Altstadt, full of medieval and baroque buildings.  Its most famous shopping street, Getreidegasse, has ornate shop signs hanging overhead, and Mozart’s birthplace, one of the world’s most visited museums, is at number 9.

For the most relaxing way to experience the city and all its views, take a Salzach river cruise, starting from the Old Town’s Makart bridge.

Salzburg, Austria – Things to do:  Mozart Concerts And Operas

Book a spectacular Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg’s oldest restaurant St. Peter Stiftskeller, where arias and duets are sung during each of three courses.

Between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th May, opera lovers should head to the Salzburg State Theatre, where three Mozart operas – Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cosi fan Tutte – are being performed on three consecutive nights.

Salzburg, Austria – Things to do This Spring

May sees the start of the Hand.Kopf.Werk arts, crafts and design festival in the Old Town,  highlighting both traditional and new forms of craftsmanship, while the ‘Weekend of Museums’ on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May sees around fifty museums offering free entrance.  For lovers of contemporary performance art, the Sommerszene international festival, highlighting the worlds of theatre and dance, starts on 17th June.

Mount Gaisberg – Open for Hiking and Racing

Spring is an ideal time to hike up Mount Gaisberg, at almost 1300 metres, Salzburg’s highest   mountain. It takes around two hours to reach the peak and the views are stunning..

On Wednesday 29th May a revered Salzburg attraction begins – the three-day International Gaisberg Motor Race, during which vintage and classic cars compete along the mountain’s winding roads.

Austria’s Largest Flower Festival

Between 30th May and 2nd June Austria’s largest flower festival, Narzissenfest, takes place in Ausseerland – Salzkammergut, around 40 km from Salzburg, and includes parades, walking tours and traditional music and dance.

After a long winter, spring is a wonderful time to visit Salzburg, Austria. Things to do there are as varied and interesting as the city itself.