The Topology Of Buying Cosmetic While Travelling South Korea

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Korean wave or worldwide known as Hallyu brings the impact of popular South Korean popular culture around the world. Hallyu are promoted through drama series, idol music group, fashions to beauty.

South Korea’s cosmetics are being at the forefront. South Korea’s cosmetic brands have been marketed internationally today. But cosmetic shopping from South Korea is definitely cheaper in its home country. IF you’re planning to visit South Korea and want to hunt some cosmetics products, this is the topology:

1. Do Some Online Research

When you’re planning and preparing to go to South Korea you should do some research as there are a lot of South Korean cosmetic brands. Some brands are familiar but there are also some brands that do not have any outlets in host countries.

However, those brands turned out to produce their own excellent products. Somehow, those brand isn’t worldwide popular but they do have a good quality and competitive prices. Thus, it’s very important for you to do some research cosmetic brand you want to buy in South Korea.

2. Create a Shopping List

You online research should be manifested into a shopping list of cosmetic brands and products. This will save your time, especially if you have very limited time to explore South Korea. Being strict to the lists will keep you on budget.

3. Visit Myeong Dong District

Most of South Korean cosmetic brands are in Myeong Dong. Myeong Dong is the most popular shopping centre among women, where tons of cosmetic outlets scattered along the road. You’ll find how astonishing Myeong Dong is, even one brand can have multiple outlets there.The great news is that most of those cosmetic outlets accepts cash and credit card payments.

When you’re hunting cosmetics in the Myeong Dong you’ll find that the prices can be 30-50 per cent cheaper than those sold outside South Korea. In addition, most of cosmetic outlets in Myeongdong has a discount or free promotion in order to attract tourists. As it’s tremendously famous, South Korea’s cosmetics can be a choice of your souvenirs. Some tourists even resell cosmetics from South Korea.

However, one thing you should keep on your mind is that those cosmetic transactions aren’t meant to be exports or resold as most of those brands are following export-import regulations. So, it’s very important to buy limited items, you should avoid purchasing the same item with large number as it can be considered as trading violation in the Airport.