5 Reasons Why You Still Need Travel Agent

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There are several reasons why folks need to use a travel agent to organise their trips, two main reasons are saving time and money. These will explain to you why.

1. Getting service

Tour consultant including front liner and ticketing not only selling tickets and taking care customer payments, but can also provide consultations on destinations and information. It’s very important, especially when you want to buy a plane ticket to East Asia, but you have to stop at several destinations. Indeed, you can buy those tickets online. However, Travel agent can propose routes should be taken, demonstrate comparisons about airlines, hotels, transportations, and accommodations so you can have best result. It will give you a better knowledge about whole trip instead of buying tickets separately. This sometimes can save your time and penny. They can also take care your visas.

2. Consultation about destinations

As you know, some folks often buy plane tickets impulsively as they’re tempted by cheap prices. But they don’t equip themselves with the knowledge about going to anywhere in the travel destination. In addition, they have no idea about what to do in destination. Travel agent will definitely help you to find some recommendation according to your preferences.

3. Schedule Changes

Although you’ve prepared and planned your tip carefully, there is still possibility that you have to cancel the trip. Of course, your tickets and hotels that have been purchased will be scorched as the purchase can’t be returned to you. If you buy them from travel agent, in some cases, they can be postponed or refunded with cancellation fee. Schedule change and any changes are the responsibility of you travel agent so you don’t need to worry.

4. Lower Prices of Accommodations

Most of Travel Agents are have common agreements with other vendors like hotels, airplane tickets, and other accommodations. They usually have reserved the quota of hotels or tickets in large numbers so they can get cheaper prices. As their customer, you can get a very competitive price than if you buy it online. In addition, if you have to change the date of stay, you can be helped by your travel agent as they can replace it.

5. Cheaper Site Entrances’ Tickets

Travel Agents typically buy large quantities of several tourism sites such as theme park, waterpark, etc. So when you order a travel packages that includes those sites, you’ll find that the price is usually cheaper.

So, have you decided where to travel ?